Planning an adoption that is right for you…

planning-adoptionCatholic Charities Adoption Services believes in educating expectant parents considering adoption about the many benefits of open adoption. Although we encourage all parents to consider “open adoption”, we respect a parent’s right to plan an adoption that best meets their individual circumstance and comfort level. Below are the types of adoptions, with varying levels of contact, offered by our agency…

Disclosed or Open Adoption

In a disclosed or open adoption, information shared between birth and adoptive parents is generally fully identifiable; full names and contact information are shared. Birth and adoptive parents typically meet and develop a relationship during the mother’s pregnancy. This relationship continues after the child is born and placed for adoption. Most birth and adoptive parents in an open adoption visit on a regular basis — every three, six, or twelve months, depending on the comfort level of the parties involved.

Semi-Confidential or Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-confidential or semi-open adoption, information shared between birth and adoptive parents is limited. Birth and adoptive parents may share first names and general information (ages, religion, town in which they live) about themselves. The birth and adoptive parents may meet prior to placement. Contact after placement is limited to picture, email and letter exchanging, which is generally facilitated by the agency.

Confidential or Closed Adoption

In a confidential or closed adoption, no information is shared between birth and adoptive parents. All health and social information given to the adoptive parents for the benefit of the baby is “non-identifying”. This means that no one could use this information to figure out the identity of the birth parents, including names or addresses. There is no contact between birth and adoptive parents after the child is placed for adoption.